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Make Me Vintage

30 January
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<--:: Well a Little Bit About me::-->

I'm very much sicilian and look it, Dark Brown Hair, greenish Eyes, umm you can imagine the rest
Presently I am very much into shoes and clothes...but what girl isn't?
I love unique and funky shit. Umm i'm a cosmetologist also at a hair salon here
in rochester and that really fufills a lot of my creativity-->its like paiting a picture for me
I am a pretty ougoing person and I LOVE to be spontaneous--->
--I guess I just like to tell it as it is, and i'm Not Afraid--
Lately I like to listen to the decembrist thanks to my sweeet boyfriend
i've been listening to bjork a lot also...I will pretty much open my ear to anykind of music...
pretty much--->thats me in a nut shell I guess